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The movement to deploy high-speed broadband and develop smart city strategies is spreading across the country. As technology progresses, so do the necessities of everyday life, creating a new reality that fiber optic infrastructure is the new utility and something every home must have. Telemedicine, telecommuting, streaming video content, educational research, security surveillance systems, and the overall Internet of Things are all leading us to the ultimate goal of faster connectivity and better communications.

Massachusetts Seeks Bidders to Take Over Imperiled State-Owned Broadband Network

The private company that currently runs the network filed for bankruptcy in March, and its parent company is suing the state in U.S. District Court, arguing it has no long-term obligation to keep the network running.

Author: Tom Mullen

Is there room for broadband in the Trump infrastructure agenda?

A promise to restore America’s crumbling infrastructure was a key part of President Donald Trump’s campaign speeches. He pledged to rebuild America’s roads and bridges, ports and highways, which are undoubtedly in need of repair

Author: Tom Mullen

In New York, Bringing Broadband to Everyone by 2018

HALCOTT, N.Y. — It’s about 15 miles from here to a dairy testing facility in Roxbury, or about one hour and 20 minutes round trip if you know these dusty mountain back roads like Chris DiBenedetto, a dairy farmer. He has been going back and forth for years, ferrying a sample of fresh milk for a federally mandated drug test before he can start processing each batch.